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About FAME Festivals

The inspiration leading to the establishment of the Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles (FAME Inc.) arose at an annual music camp held in the 1970s in Bendigo, Victoria, by the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra.  The original idea was to form an incorporated umbrella organisation which could apply for grants and coordinate events, and which would include all the mandolin orchestras and individual interested mandolinists and guitarists throughout Australia and New Zealand.  FAME Inc. was incorporated in Victoria in 1991.

Since then, an Australasian Mandolin Festival has been organised every eighteen months in one of the cities where there is a mandolin orchestra (or two or three!): Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Auckland and for the first time in 2017, in Adelaide.

From 6-13 January 2019, Canberra’s two mandolin orchestras will host the Festival.  It is being organised by a 6-person committee – 3 from the CMO (Canberra Mandolin Orchestra) and 3 from COZMO (Capital of Australia Mandolinata): CMO: Ian Bull (Chair), John Hyam and Wal Jurkiewicz; and COZMO: Col Bernau, Lea O’Brien and Trevor Smallwood.

FAME Festival 2019 Bulletins

Please note that all information contained in the FAME Festival Bulletins can also be found on this website where updates will be provided as necessary. 

For example, re the Rob Kay Tribute Concert mentioned in Bulletin #3: a list of groups/individuals performing in this Concert and the pieces they have selected to perform is located on the ‘Festival Music and FAQs’ page and will be kept updated.  Please check that page to see which pieces are still available for selection.

Groups/individuals who wish to perform in the Concert:

  • Please confirm with each other your group’s participants and select one or two pieces from the list, and
  • send an email to Ian Bull at 2019fame@gmail.com, to let him know the names of the performers in your group (and group name if different from your home orchestra’s name) and the piece/s you’d like to play.
  • Ian will advise Col Bernau, webmaster, of each new group/individual wishing to participate.
  • Col will update the webpage with your information (group and piece).
  • As RKT Concert coordinator, Col will include you in the evening’s program, which will be made available on the webpage closer to the Festival.


Sun 11 Nov 2018: Jazz Rock Pop Suite removed from Festival playlist (see email to all Registrants of 11 Nov 2018).  “Festival Music & FAQs” page amended accordingly.


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