Music – Mandolin 1

Here are Mandolin 1 parts:

Jazz Rock Pop Suite – M1  Note: This piece now removed from Repertoire list & link removed (as at 11 Nov 2018)

Calace Rag – M1

Fünf Tanzstucke – M1

Fünf Tanzstucke – Solo M1 (Note:  The “Solo M1” part is marked “1 Geige” on the music)

Daintree – M1

Il_Mandolini_e_Congresso- M1

Matilda Bay – M1 (all Section players to play this part)

Solo for bars 54-73: Matilda Bay – Mandolin Solo verse (this is a ‘duet’ Solo for M1 and Gtr 1), or Matilda Bay – Mandolin Solo alternate (also a ‘duet’ Solo for M1 and Gtr 1 but an easier version).  NOTE: M1 and Gtr Section Leaders to decide between them which Solo (‘verse’ or ‘alternate’) to use – this does not affect M1 Section players.

Viaggio del Mandolino – M1


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